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    20th Anniversary of the Les Paul Forum! Please help keep us going with a donation!

    Dear LPF Members,

    2019 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Les Paul Forum!
    This Forum is the "go to" place for information about Gibson Les Pauls.
    For those of you who have been around a while, we have certainly had our ups and downs over the years.
    The Forum went "dark" 5 years ago until four of us resurrected it, paid the bills, and got things going again.
    We know that it has been the source of information and friendship for many Les Paul fans.

    For our 20th Anniversary, PLEASE consider making a PayPal donation to keep us going!

    We've added an additional button below in this thread and in "Merchandise and Donations" - scroll way down, and it will allow you to make a donation in any amount you choose. We are suggesting a minimum of $20 to commemorate our anniversary, but of course will be grateful to receive whatever you offer to keep the LPF going.

    Make a $20 or more Donation to The Les Paul Forum for the 20th Anniversary to keep it going!

    Thank you in advance for helping us out and keeping the LPF alive and well!


    Mike Slubowski, Administrator/Webmaster
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    Mike Slubowski

    * "Gibson guitars are like potato chips - you can't have just one!"

    * "So many Gibsons to love, so little time..."

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