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    Wiring traditional pickups to this ferschlugginer circuit board

    So I am digging this Faded Les Paul I got for the deal price used. The 490 pickup set is not my bag so I got a set of Seth Lovers.

    Of course they have the circuit board in there instead of the traditional pots where you can solder the outside of the wire to ground and the inside part to the live. They have these small white clips and getting anything to fit in there even once you figure out what goes where is a challenge. The plug is really set up for the multiple smaller wires that would allow for coil tapping, phase, etc. I just have the metal mesh outer cover and the inside of the wire ... kind of a mismatch.

    I had a buddy looking at this with me, and we finally called in a lifeline by dropping it at a local shop to get wired up.

    Are we missing something here? Is there a smart way to handle this? At some point I might drop a vintage style wiring harness and pots in there, but am not in a big hurry to do that.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Wiring traditional pickups to this ferschlugginer circuit board

    You can buy the plug connectors pre-wired to a short length of wire, search eBay for "Gibson quick connect adapter" and you should find them. Simplest way would be join these onto the pickup wires (solder and heat shrink) and then plug them into the circuit board.

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    Re: Wiring traditional pickups to this ferschlugginer circuit board

    Or you could just ditch the board and go with tradional pots.
    Pots are only a few £££s and since you’re paying a tech a rewire wouldn’t be much more.

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