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    Les Paul Forum Member mustachio's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    Worcester, MA

    Sg NPUD: ThroBak ESG-102B

    I just had a set of ThroBak ESG-102B pickups put in my 2016 ‘61 Les Paul SG. I bought it used through the Music Zoo and the previous owner had a set of ThroBak ER Customs in it. Way too powerful for the guitar (and my amp—plus they’re for sale now...see the classifieds or search for them on Reverb). So, I looked on the ThroBak website and found the exact pickups as God intended for the model SG and I couldn’t be happier. Very clear and articulate (once I set the pickups to the proper height—see Roy from RS Guitarworks thread on pickup height, incredible difference) on all volume levels but when on 10 they overdrive beautifully. I wonder what they sound like in a Les Paul Standard?

    Please feel free to ask questions. But I want to write more later after I put them through their paces. I’ve only had them installed for less than a week. But, man...I can’t believe how good these are. The ER Customs were soooo strident and they killed the front end of my Friedman Dirty Shirley 40 Combo and my Tungsten Tweed Princeton. But, man! Awesome.
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    Apr 2015
    Shakedown Street

    Re: NPUD: ThroBak ESG-102B

    I love ThroBak pickups as I have the MXV-SLE-101 Plus set in 2 Les Paul's with 2 more to do and they are the best pickups IMHO and just made so well and deliver the goods . Glad you love them and I will check them out now !

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    Re: NPUD: ThroBak ESG-102B

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I'm actually torn between these very two pickups (and potential the Throbak Pre-T-301 PAF) to put in a Les Paul for that Clapton sound. You mention the ERs were too overpowering- how so? Are the ESG's still rocking your world? What would you imagine the sonic difference might be between the SG and Les Paul with these pickups?

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