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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Jan 2019
    New York

    Orange amp parameters

    I noticed Jimmy Page is using Orange amps and this prompted some sound staples on YT then back to the axeeII to try its model . Good but dark. I like the g b and e strings which are typically shrill in all the Marshall's even with the peq trick. Who is using this for zep to zz and beyond tones? Any tracks to get a full tonal spectrum? Thanks

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    Re: Orange amp parameters

    Depending on the footage you are watching, a lot of the time the Orange was used for the theramin.

    Unless you are watching the Celebration Day DVD from the O2 where a lot of Page’s main guitar comes from the Orange in the live mix, which possibly explains why, along with the downtuning, Page’s guitar sounded darker compared to older live recordings.

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    Les Paul Forum Member deytookerjaabs's Avatar
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    Nov 2016

    Re: Orange amp parameters

    Well, if either are "shrill" they got it all wrong man....

    My Orange OR-120 is a smokey beast of an amp you can get a lot timbres out of and my Germino clone is warm as heck too. I've played some rigs that had a spike to them that was hard to dial out but I feel like that's an undetected issue or the wrong speakers etc and I've passed on buying amps because of that...where I figured I'd have to get the thing serviced immediately.

    Either way, if it's all working right warmth without mud should not be hard to dial in.

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    Les Paul Forum Member ourmaninthenorth's Avatar
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    Mar 2009

    Re: Orange amp parameters

    Somewhat tangentially, I think Pagey used an old Orange Matamp too at some point.

    Can't find any footage, so Koss will have to do.....

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