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    Which 2019 Les Paul classic?

    Im looking to purchase a 2019 classic. The stock model comes with Burstbucker 61t/61r pickups. Sweetwater has an exclusive that comes loaded with 57 classic/classic plus pickups. Which one would be better for classic rock and heavier 90s rock?

    I do not play in any bands or anything. Im just a living room guitarist. I used to have a les Paul a few years back with Burstbuckers in it. I think they were 2 and 3s.

    Thank you for the feedback

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Apr 2015
    Shakedown Street

    Re: Which 2019 Les Paul classic?

    For what it's worth , I like the 57 Classic pickups versus the burstbuckers . If you have a chance and can try out both guitars -do that and see which one talks to you more !

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Apr 2019
    Conyers, Georgia USA

    Re: Which 2019 Les Paul classic?

    I'm generally not a Burstbucker fan, but the 61t/r variants are some VERY nice pickups. I have a 2019 Classic with them and they sound incredible! I've got 57's in a few other guitars and they sound awesome too (especially in an SG), but the 61's seem to really work well with the LP Classic. Actually, I have a 2019 LP Classic Lite on the way, and it comes with the 57's. I'll have to try them side-by-side once it gets here!

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    Les Paul Forum Member LPR6's Avatar
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    Feb 2019
    Los Angeles

    Re: Which 2019 Les Paul classic?

    If the 61s are brighter than the 57s I would go with them. I have 59 Tribute pups in a few of my guitars and they sound great, brighter, with more chime, more like vintage. 57s in a LP tend to sound darker and I have trouble getting a clearer sound from the neck pup. I was tempted to buy one of the new ones with the 61s just to see how they were. You can always buy one and return it if you dont like it.

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    Les Paul Forum Member thunderkyss's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    SouthEast Texas

    Re: Which 2019 Les Paul classic?

    I wouldn't consider the pickups at this point. Which guitar speaks to me. Feel, that note... which gets my heart pumping.

    Then if I don't like the pickups, switch.
    Oye Coma Va..... me ritmo!

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    Re: Which 2019 Les Paul classic?

    I just demoed a 2017 Classic T with a stock '57 Classic & '57 Classic and it sounds huge, much fuller than the 2019 Les Paul Classic that's fitted with Burstbucker 61t/61r PUPs which a bit sounds milder and lacks balls .

    I'm torn as well which is better but the 2019's plus for me are the switching options i.e. push -pull knobs for additional sound options.

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