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    Forum Moderator KennyF's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    North-Eastern Pennsylvania

    It ain't the guitar, or even the song...

    Most of the musicians I've known over the years say things like; "Three chord crap", or "That would've sounded so much better on a Martin", or whatever... But here's the thing... It ain't the guitar, it ain't the chord progression, or even the song for that matter... It's the artistic expression, that comes from the heart of a truly talented person... Aaron Lewis "owns this song" at this point... This is the kind of simple pure mastery that brings a tear to the eye... All the money in the world can't buy that... Very humbling...

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    Les Paul Forum Member Tubes 'n Wood's Avatar
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    Nov 2013
    Cambridge, Nebraska

    Re: It ain't the guitar, or even the song...

    Love his voice... lots of passion and pain in it, ymmv
    T 'n W

    "Lemme' 'splain you Lucy. The 5e3 circuit... Has a fat ass. Like a '57 chevy. She likes to talk dirty... 5e3's are like that. I start at turning. Ever thang up to six. Above that approaches. Wettern' a shampoo'd water buffalo territory. Slap that ass. And pull her hair. With a Les Paul. And p90's. They like to be liking that. When it comes to tweed deluxes. It's not about. When you are sick and tired. Of her shit. It's about. Does she have a sister?" Texas Blues 1/22/19

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