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    1981 ES335 Dot 59 Reissue Colours??

    Does anyone know what colours the 1981 dots were finished in?

    what solid colours did they do?

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    Les Paul Forum Member OKGuitar's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Kent, CT

    Re: 1981 ES335 Dot 59 Reissue Colours??

    Blonde, red, tobacco sunburst, cherry sunburst (rare) and black. The red is pretty much solid-not like the usual red 335's. I've never seen a black 81 but I think they exist-I've had two black 82's.

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    Les Paul Forum Member Strings Jr.'s Avatar
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    Jan 2016

    Re: 1981 ES335 Dot 59 Reissue Colours??

    Cherry Sunburst was not a regular production color for the Dots.

    There was a very short, "special" run of VCS (Vintage Cherry Sunburst) Dots in late '82, but those had four-digit serial numbers and a Custom Shop Edition decal.

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    Les Paul Forum Member TM1's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    on the middle & bridge pickup of my L.P. Custom

    Re: 1981 ES335 Dot 59 Reissue Colours??

    I had an early 1981 in Cherry! Sure wish I'd kept it!! s/n#80351018 (35th day of 1981) If anyone has it here, I'd love to buy it back!! I'm serious!! I want it back..

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