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    Les Paul Forum Member The Shifter's Avatar
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    Aug 2004

    Re: New Jimmy Page telecaster from Fender

    Quote Originally Posted by deytookerjaabs View Post
    Black Dog to me sounds/feels like a Lester (especially the bends), classic Les Paul on the solo & the main riff/verse tracking sounds like transistor/ss distortion of some type, like mixing up line/mic levels patched into a tape machine or something, very lo-fi. Funky ****. I love how a lot of 60's/70's bands, especially Led Zeppelin though, kept experimenting all the time with guitar sounds.

    I am 100% certain that the solo in BD, whichever guitar, is going through a Leslie rotating speaker. I know that sound like I know my name. IMO though, it sounds twangy like a Tele.

    The main riff does sound like an LP. That is indeed straight into the board. No guitar amp. They also slammed the front end of a blackface UREI 1176 compressor and triple-tracked it.

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Sep 2015

    Re: New Jimmy Page telecaster from Fender

    Quote Originally Posted by The Shifter View Post
    .....straight into the board.
    A surprising amount was straight into the board.
    The artist formerly known as "A-hole".

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    Les Paul Forum Member Ed A's Avatar
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    Jul 2001
    Somewhere near Nelson

    Re: New Jimmy Page telecaster from Fender

    Quote Originally Posted by The Shifter View Post
    Don't know if it's confirmed, but I'd bet you a dime to a donut that "Black Dog" is that Tele. Also the solo in "Down By The Seaside"
    Definitely Seaside.... must be....
    Climb down off the hilltop... Get back in the race.
    Allman Brothers Tribute Band

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    Les Paul Forum Member Anje's Avatar
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    Jan 2002
    Dark side of the moon

    Re: New Jimmy Page telecaster from Fender

    What a great project (and teaser), looking forward the full announcement.
    And wow John, must have been a really special moment to share some time with Jimmy around that project.

    I recently revisited some old Led Zep records on a good Hi-Fi system, this never gets old for me and so refreshing to take the time to listen to those guys from time to time

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    Les Paul Forum Member 4string's Avatar
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    Apr 2004

    Re: New Jimmy Page telecaster from Fender

    Official announcement scheduled for Thursday January 24th.

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