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    Re: R4 Florian Jaeger

    Quote Originally Posted by fakejake View Post
    From my experience, the makeover process is foremost about the appearance of the guitar, as well how it feels haptically. If you have a guitar that does all the things you want sonically, you might just want it to look and feel a bit more like a well-used vintage one, without really affecting the sound.
    that was very nicely said and well put\

    ah jeeze but now I can't help myself. can you also argue though that doing all this work to the guitar including adding black grain filler stuff will change the sound?

    who knows. I know I enjoy watching these vids

    I have a set of Gil Yaron PAFs that are just screaming at me to put them in something. But the two things I have are an SG 61 RI (limited w ABR bridge) which sounds PERFECT with the 57 classics and a Warren Haynes 335 which also sounds perfect. I"m having to tell myself to leave well enough alone!

    I think I saw something with Bonamassa (maybe) where he feels that if the guitar is good and he loves it then he just doesn't mess w it.

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    Re: R4 Florian Jaeger

    Just as a side note. I'm not doing any of this to improve the sound of my guitar. My guitar sounded exactly the way I wanted it. The changes made are to make this guitar "mine" It's a work of art by a master craftsman. It sounds the way I want, now it's going to feel and look the way I want. Watching this guitar being "re-crafted" will make it a special guitar that I hope I own for many years. Anyway..... rich brown nut color for the back. Also note the neck stain is pre-faded as if it has been handled for years.

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    Re: R4 Florian Jaeger

    Goldfinger! Florian writes"Here's the gold. Exactly the same mixture of 2 different bronze powders; from the same company Gibson was delivered in the 50ies:" That attention to detail appeals to me. Crazy? Maybe but look at that paint and that carve.

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    Re: R4 Florian Jaeger

    Binding cleanly scraped, defines the top nicely. I'm still loving that carve. Such a lovely paint job I hate to touch it. But.....

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