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    3XX Guitars and the Weather

    In another thread, I said how Iím likely to start gigging with my 335 instead of my LP. I was just curious to know if youíre less likely to take your semi hollow or hollow body guitars out when the temperatures are either extremely high or low? Weíre in the middle of a little heat wave here in Chicago and itís humid as hell. Iím just a bit concerned on how the weather might impact these guitars differently than it would a solid body, especially gigging outside.


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    Les Paul Forum Member GuitarMikey's Avatar
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    Mar 2013
    Charlotte, North Carolina

    Re: 3XX Guitars and the Weather

    You'll be fine. Take it out and have fun.

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    Les Paul Forum Member wmachine's Avatar
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    Mar 2016

    Re: 3XX Guitars and the Weather

    Quote Originally Posted by GuitarMikey View Post
    You'll be fine. Take it out and have fun.
    I'm curious about this too, just from an informational standpoint.
    You may be right, but the problem with an answer like that is there is no reason at all to trust it, and quite frankly anyone would be stupid to trust it.
    "Yeah, someone on the internet said it would be fine". Are they there to make good if there *is* a problem?
    Sorry, but to me, you'll have have a better answer that that to have any credence.
    "I am the kind of guy that only buys 100 watt heads just to play at home. I feel like if an amp can't kill a heard of cattle 100 yards away what is the point of owning it."

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    Les Paul Forum Member StSpider's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
    Padua, Italy

    Re: 3XX Guitars and the Weather

    I've never had issues with my 330. It's a pretty stable guitar, I hardly ever touch the truss rod.
    - 2006 Les Paul Historic R4 Oxblood
    - 2012 ES-330TDVB
    - 1995 Les Paul Studio Ebony with B7 Bigsby

    There is NO substitute for Loudness.

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    Les Paul Forum Member 1jamman's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    BRW Country, Bahia

    Re: 3XX Guitars and the Weather

    Since I moved to Brazil and no longer have an AC controlled environment keeping my guitars at a constant ~ state of temp and Humidity . None have had any issues other then imo , cosmetic . Play'em , and when an adjustment is needed , do it or get it done ... .

    It's Winter here and starting to warm up now . Even so, it's Warm most days and only getting Hotter . For Guitars I've have here for years ( when I traveled back and forth) . The biggest issue I've had happen was the frets oxidizing . They needed a polishing . Otherwise , after a string change , all are good to go . Playing them on some what of a regular basis, fixes that , I've found .

    Another possible "help" would be the case the guitar resides in . I brought 2 Gibson's here 3 years ago in anticipation of moving here and kept them in Water tight cases (*don't recall the name off hand) IMO , worth every penny I spent on them . Both were un-played for over 2 years , And when I returned and checked them out , even the strings were good to use . needed a change , but good enough to play until I located the strings I had brought .

    But none have any issues with the woods ... None ...

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    Les Paul Forum Member The Shifter's Avatar
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    Aug 2004

    Re: 3XX Guitars and the Weather

    I wouldn't sweat it...

    ...see what I did there?

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    Re: 3XX Guitars and the Weather

    I only gigged with my Epi Sheraton for a 335 type. It was as solid as, if not more so, than my SG Special (1991-nothing vintage).

    I gigged with a Firebird V, too. And it was stable as could be.

    I gigged summer and winter, indoors and out. Most clubs or basement parties were hot and stuffy and humid, summer and winter.

    I don't think your 335 would be any more or less susceptible to humidity than any other guitar.

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