Perfect Color and Beautiful Top! (Stock #1166)

This is one of the nicest R8s to come through the shop. It looks as vintage, almost NOS, as any Les Paul Iíve seen. It looks like someone bought it in 58, lovingly played it a few months, and put it under the bed to be discovered 60 years later. The top is subtle yet beautiful. The flame is nice and wavy with lots of movement and it has a super cool and unique grain pattern. The color looks like it was just sprayed in the 50s with zero fading. It is the same stunning color that Gibson intended most Bursts to be and stay. The tone is nothing short of amazing. This guitar ring like a bell unplugged. It is very resonant with great clarity. It is very full sounding with a nice richness to the tone. The neck is a chunky C profile and the playability is great. This guitar is in as new condition.

Neck Measurement: .906@1st and 1.012@12th

Weight: 8lbs 13 ounces

Comes with OHSC, Tags, and COA

$4345 Shipped