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    Creating music app

    Hey guys,
    I know you do have a lot experience in composing music, but does anyone know about creating music app? Not for composing, but actually playing music.

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    Re: Creating music app

    So there are already apps for listening to music, have you tried searching the Internet?

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    Re: Creating music app

    There should be a lot of apps for playing music, just search for them and be sure to find them. But be careful, because there are many unofficial apps that can harm your device. Make sure everything is in order before using it. A friend of mine once downloaded an app that he couldn't get rid of for a very long time, just couldn't delete it. He had to use third-party uninstallers to solve this problem. Now he is already wary of this.
    Last edited by Tams1er; 02-04-20 at 05:56 AM.

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    Re: Creating music app

    lot of talking and nothing useful. I have a same question right now, but I don't see an answer here. That's why this topic is needed to be "resurrected". Any suggestions? Anyone?

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    Re: Creating music app

    Originally Posted by Egyptian
    I graduated from Nahda University 2 years ago and working as a dentist in Beni Suef now. But I want to make music too. What are the best apps to write lyrics,
    write my essays online and music too? I'm good at poetry, btw.


    You may try Groovepad or Soundtrap Studio on mobile or PC. Music Maker JAM is one more app for music makers. Use Shoutem and Song Lyrics Generator for writing texts.
    Last edited by Swedberg; 09-24-20 at 04:16 AM.

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