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    Creating music app

    Hey guys,
    I know you do have a lot experience in composing music, but does anyone know about creating music app? Not for composing, but actually playing music.

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    Re: Creating music app

    For sure it's not that easy, but you should check to start with.

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    Re: Creating music app

    How does that app idea you have go? Is it similar to Spotify or iTunes? I feel like they are really too big to be disrupted by another app like that.

    Anyway, if you go through with the app, it would also be best to create a website to make it look professional. I recommend creating a website through a website builder to cut off on costs. For example, like hPage -

    Hope to hear more of your app idea! I work with startups so I'd like to get an idea how your music player app idea goes!

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    Re: Creating music app

    I had been thinking for while about the same endeavor. And you know what. It's not that easy to create something like a Spotify, I'd say it's almost impossible unless you have a source of enormous investments. The other business model worth thinking about is something like this service buy Spotify plays. It does the same thing instagram baits' and followers do. But on Spotify it looks way more natural. In other words, it provides needed social media signals to create a harmless illusion of some involvement around your music to involve more people. Check it out.

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    Re: Creating music app

    What type of application do you use ??? Contact the developers of which has the information to build new application.

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    Re: Creating music app

    If you want to promote your app, try to do it via instagram as it's currently the most widely-used app. You need to get many followers ( can help) and then just wait until people start downloading it onto their phones

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