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    Can anybody help with these pot posts?

    Hello everyone! Im new to the forum and new to modifying guitars in general, however I've read up and replaced the pots and caps in my 2010 gibson les paul traditional! However this brings me to the problem in the pictures, I see for the knobs to sit flush on the guitar these little nut guys have to be at certain levels, in which I didn't think to measure when dismantling the original I tired searching around and with my lack of descriptive words for this little dilemma I never really got anything. Does anyone know what these are called or can help me find any measurements as to what these should be around? I tried messing with them for hours, and couldn't get anything worth while through simple trial and error!

    Thank you all so much!!

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    Re: Can anybody help with these pot posts?

    Put the unit back in the guitar, put the knobs on the posts. When you get the look/feel of the knobs correct, make a mark on the outside of the post where it exits the wood- screw the inner nuts to where they would hit the top inside of the wood. You might use a drop of super glue to freeze them (which will easily shear off once you put a wrench to it). Put it back in and then tighten the outer nuts.

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