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    Re: 2018 50th Anniversary 1968 Les Paul Customs and Goldtops

    Quote Originally Posted by Ohdavey86 View Post
    Does anyone have any tips to take this aged dull ebony VOS out and shine this anniversary models to the sheen she deserves? I love the way she Sounds. But I know it’s super official but I can’t get
    past paying 5k for a finish I’m not pumped on. Am I the only one? Any suggestions?
    I've used 3M Finesse It II car wax on all my VOS guitars, and it works great. Takes off all the gunk and polishes it to a gloss. The sucky part is you have to remove all the parts - pickups, tuners, everything. You apply it with a dry cloth, then wipe it off. I do this to the entire guitar twice, then use Stewmacs Preservation Polish twice in the same method as I did the Finess It. Afterwords you'll have a nice clean glossy guitar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 82 Silverburst View Post
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    Re: 2018 50th Anniversary 1968 Les Paul Customs and Goldtops

    Quote Originally Posted by turboLp View Post
    mine has bridge posts leaning backwards. i wonder whether it's just mine or others too? maybe it's a "normal" feature of the 68?

    Attachment 8192Attachment 8191
    It's possible your bridge posts are slightly off perpendicular, but the recent thumbwheels have a tendency to tip or lean backwards on the posts. In other words, the thumbwheels rock slightly on the posts making it look like the posts are the problem.
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