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    Les Paul Forum Member deytookerjaabs's Avatar
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    Nov 2016

    Re: Gibson Memphis 1963 Reissue ES-335 VOS

    Wait, found it, there's many non-gibson posts but this was a relevant one:

    I’ve seen Gibson go from a 7 man assembly line, to a 5 man line, and back to a 6 man line. I’ve seen only a handful of adjusters to too many. I’ve seen guys asked to do jobs they didn’t know existed until they found themselves doing it. But we all know Gibson is a grease fire.

    And I say this as a guy who has had the same Gibson keychain since I was 16. (That’s right - I’ve NEVER lost my keys.). I love the brand, and what they represent. Just not what they are currently doing.

    Basically, from what I can tell, personnel issues are to blame for the failures we've seen posted all too often online. Management's culture of labor hatred has infected Gibson pretty hard for some time.
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    Re: Gibson Memphis 1963 Reissue ES-335 VOS

    Exactly what I was referring to in my earlier, slightly long winded, post. If anything, it seems to be worse in the Nashville plant than Memphis. Gibson has the current machinery and equipment and workforce (at least in Memphis) to manufacture superlative guitars, provided they equip employees with the proper training and time to gain experience to do the tasks right.....each and every time. But increasing expected production output to the detriment of quality has been an historical problem with Gibson every time there is a cash crisis with HJ. More wrong headed thinking: there was a purge of some very key and senior people with years of experience in Nashville approx. 3 months ago, in an attempt to cut wage expense....the company needed those folks. It will be very interesting to see what new owner/ownership group takes control....hope it won't be like Norlin. Just my opinion and observations; I am NOT nor have ever been a Gibson employee.

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