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    Les Paul Forum Member Triburst's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    South Mississippi

    G.E. Smith Jams on the Guitar That Killed Folk

    G.E. Smith gets to play the Bloomfield Telecaster!

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    Les Paul Forum Member deytookerjaabs's Avatar
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    Nov 2016

    Re: G.E. Smith Jams on the Guitar That Killed Folk

    G.E. is one of my favorite players, would love to meet him one day.

    Watching him play over tunes on youtube on his recent tours is real treat. It's hard to describe these things, but what I love is his overly tasteful approach and use of all the raw guitar tones available. He can take a two minute solo somewhere special without just doing MOAR VIBRATO WEEDLEEE WEE at the golden mean. It just sounds like one of those amazing guitar tracks you'd hear on a classic record that's just about perfect. There's a mountain of guys with facility but few who can do what he does in the way he approaches it and at the same time you don't FEEL like you're hearing one cliche after the other etc..

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    Les Paul Forum Member joeh77's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
    Trumbull, CT

    Re: G.E. Smith Jams on the Guitar That Killed Folk

    Just saw G.E. live with Masters of the Telecaster a few weeks ago! G.E., Jim Weider (who's '52 I've had the chance to play a while back), and, surprisingly, Snowy White, who didn't even play a Tele at all that night! G. E. is a guitar historian, for sure!

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    Les Paul Forum Member becks bolero's Avatar
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    Jul 2001

    Re: G.E. Smith Jams on the Guitar That Killed Folk

    yeah that was an awesome clip!!

    GE was great with Roger Waters live, too. playing bass, mandolin and guitar, I think?
    "First off, nobody cares if you know how to play scales. Nobody gives a shit if you have good technique or not. It's whether you have feelings that you want to express with music, that's what counts, really." -Neil Young

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