I had 4 guitars and an amp stolen... among them were:

One off Bolin branded 1958 Les Paul type guitar. Has an all gold finish front and back. "The Mule" model in script on the headstock with "BOLIN" in olde english above it. Skull and sword logo on back of headstock. Headstock has Gibson open book shape. The guitar has the imprint of a fingernail in the finish near the bass side of the bridge. Was last seen in a ProForm case which has a serial number stamped on a plate inside the case. The case's serial number is 203030. The case is brown molded plastic with gold hardware and brown velvet interior.

one of a kind, 1989 Heritage STAT DLX. Carved flame maple top in Antique Cherry Burst finish. Black Kahler Spyder tremolo. Seymour Duncan JB humbucker in bridge position wound by Maricela Juarez marked "JBJ" on the underside. 2 Seymour Duncan "classic stacks" in the middle and neck positions. Trapezoid inlays on the neck instead of the standard production dots. Binding on the neck instead of the standard unbound neck. No tummy cut on the back of the guitar (unlike the standard production). Serial number is: F18602 also stamped "made in Kalamazoo MI, USA" Last seen in black rectangular Heritage guitars case.

Winfield 5e3 head with black faceplate natural wood box and blue front.

These items were stolen January 3rd in Columbus MICHIGAN