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Thread: Denis Cornell.

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    Re: Denis Cornell.

    The best parallel single-ended amp I've ever played or owned is the Gjika 10n (Powers of Ten). 4 KT-77s, and it puts out 80 watts. The best thing about it is in conjunction with the Gjika Gainmaster (the Floating Front End) you can have cranked amp tone at flashlight volume. Or, if you so desire, you can turn it up and blow the roof off. Here's a clip of my son's guitar teacher putting the amp through its paces with my '03 R9 Makeover. This was done at very low volume, but it's not at all lacking in tone.

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    Re: Denis Cornell.

    Quote Originally Posted by ourmaninthenorth View Post
    The p90's sound so juicy as to be ridiculous. This guitar is just magnificent...I absolutely get it.

    The Oxblood is a Battleship...lovely big neck, and a voice that you're going to pay attention to. I think it's got Burstbuckers 1 & 2 in it...there's not a thing wrong with them to my ears. I can see why these R4's are so popular...superb instrument.

    If the oxblood is stock, it has Burstbuckers #2 and #3 in it.

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    Re: Denis Cornell.

    Quote Originally Posted by rockinlespaul View Post
    If the oxblood is stock, it has Burstbuckers #2 and #3 in it.
    That makes sense, they are definitely a bit shouty..

    Thanks for that Mate
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