Tone Monster and Looks Too! (Stock #1115)

This guitar is incredible. It has it all looks, tone, feel, and playability. The top is a killer vintage looking top with super cool flame. It has tones of movement and a great 3D quality. It looks like a very vintage. The color is a perfect match to the top. It is a perfect green lemon with a nicely faded back. It has the perfect amount of green hue on the edges of the lemonburst. The tone on this one is unbelievable. It can be huge sounding or subtle. It can go from sweet cleans to smooth overdriven tone. It has great clarity throughout the tonal range. The neck is a perfect medium C with some nice size to it, but not too much. Playability is great all the way down the fretboard. This one is in, as new, unplayed condition.

Neck Measurements: .912@1st and 1.020@12th

Weight: 8lbs 5 ounces

Comes with OHSC, Tags, and COA

$4645 Shipped