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    Gibson ES 335 Dot Reissue 1984

    Want to share some pics of my flamed 1984 ES335 'Custom Shop Edition'.
    Has Tim Shaw Pickups and a nice '59 medium' neck.
    Rare bird?

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    Les Paul Forum Member renderit's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jan 2009

    Re: Gibson ES 335 Dot Reissue 1984

    Killer flame and color dude! I LOVE it!
    Renderit, You have an interesting perspective and your posts aren't boring...
    Ren, all in all, I'm giving you a C- today's posts...
    Most of what you write with regards to my posts is cryptic nonsensical gibberish like this. I would prefer if you actually added something to the conversation but hey, I haven't walked in your shoes. So being as nice as possible: I look at your posts as if I was dealing with an eccentric cousin who comes to visit unannounced.

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    Les Paul Forum Member Tubes 'n Wood's Avatar
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    Nov 2013
    Cambridge, Nebraska

    Re: Gibson ES 335 Dot Reissue 1984

    T 'n W

    2002 R8
    1969 Twin Reverb
    1969 Vibrolux Reverb

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    Les Paul Forum Member MapleFlame's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2005
    Somewhere between Woodstock and NOVA

    Re: Gibson ES 335 Dot Reissue 1984

    That's a beauty. These are great finds, love the Shaw pickups.
    Top carves are sexy

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    Re: Gibson ES 335 Dot Reissue 1984

    WOW... This is amazing guitar!
    Les Paul it is my favorite guitar. I want to create my own collection of exclusive guitars. Now I have 5 guitars

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