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    Les Paul Forum Member Kris Ford's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    Wixom MI

    Guitarfetish steel blocks?

    I see Cogs really digs them.. worth it or is Callaham THAT much better? I'm a non trem user 99.99% of the time.
    They'd replace full size mazac blocks in a 50's Road Worn and a 70's Classic, both MIM.
    For those, do I use the vintage type:
    Or the MIM (which MAY be for the MIM Standards?)
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    Les Paul Forum Member deytookerjaabs's Avatar
    Join Date
    Nov 2016

    Re: Guitarfetish steel blocks?

    Probably should measure & double check the screw spacing and thread type. If you're looking for "vintage" tone then I'd skip the block mod and just purchase the whole shebang through FMIC/Callaham/elsewhere.

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    Re: Guitarfetish steel blocks?

    Pretty sure the D42 is the trem you want from GF. I don't remember what the part number is for just the block. I love them. They work great, & are significantly cheaper than the Callaham & others
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    Re: Guitarfetish steel blocks?

    The vitage type is more suitable in my opinion
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    Les Paul Forum Member
    Join Date
    Feb 2003

    Re: Guitarfetish steel blocks?

    I have the MIM steel trem block from GFS on my MIM Std Strat, it is great. Do not buy the complete MIM steel block trem unit, it is designed wrong, the plating looks cheap and the steel block is different, it's shorter than the separate steel block they sell. The design flaw is where the pivot point on the trem plate is located in relation to the mounting screw holes, the original design has the pivot point so that when you move the trem the plate rises and falls on the screw, because on the MIM steel block trem the pivot is in the wrong place, you are basically bending the mounting screw when you move the trem up and down. Got rid of mine quick and just got the separate steel block used with the stock MIM plate and saddles, it has more mass and works fine. Of course, I bought the full trem unit some years ago, I don't know if they have fixed that problem or not, but I wouldn't take a chance.

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    Les Paul Forum Member Bloodspoint's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Morrow, OH

    Re: Guitarfetish steel blocks?

    I have the vintage style bridge with brass block on my '83 Japanese Squier. It's a major improvement (for me) over the stock bridge, which had cast saddles, cast plate, and a block of unknown material.
    By better, I mean the tone is sharper, more defined. That could be good or bad, depending on your taste.

    If you're not sure on the size, I'd email them and tell them what you have. I did, and I'm glad. I nearly bought an "import" sized bridge, because hey - import. They knew that the bridges on these guitars are American spec. Saved me from ordering the wrong thing.

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