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    Hagström - Resonator Neck, how to handle?

    i just had a visit from DHL, delivering me my most recent acquisition, a Hagström Viking, Custom DLX in Green. (only Color available)
    it looks very royal and it sounds good, my VOX AC 4 transposes a nice and well known "semi-acc" like tone.
    my only concern:
    the neck feels like i have to fight it, for getting some bendings right.
    of course, i have to change the strings, i have to set it up to my specs and i have to get used to it, since it ain't no LP.
    i never owned an ES 335 like guitar and therefore, i think, this is kind of "normal"
    but bending a note up 2 semitones takes quite some effort, and it feels "strange".

    getting used to it means to find out how to properly bend to hit the target-note. but this is something else. it feels like
    the fretboard is lacking oil (if it were a rosewood board) to let me slide with my finger.

    but since the model is featuring a RESONATOR fretboard - with is a homogeneous wood composite - i just don't know, wether it needs to be oiled or not.
    does any of you guys know the answer?

    btw: the choice for this kind of "wood" was to avoid the CITES -delay that would forced me to wait another 3-5 weeks (according to for a delivery with all the papers, along with a visit at the customs right after the arrival, along with some $$ (of course) - my first choice was a D'Angelico with Rosewood and therefore CITES-Trouble.

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    Les Paul Forum Member Dave P's Avatar
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    Re: Hagström - Resonator Neck, how to handle?

    It's a composite fingerboard, probably compressed wood fibers and resin, no oiling necessary.
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    Les Paul Forum Member Big Al's Avatar
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    Re: Hagström - Resonator Neck, how to handle?

    Set up issue. Large frets, light strings and fret dress will all impact your ability to bend. The bigger the fret and more polished it is the easier to bend. Smaller strings with less tension also allow easier bends. The neck itself as far as wood and shape have little to do with bending as compared to frets and strings. A smooth fretboard is nice, but you are bending on the fret and not the fingerboard. Set up for relief and action help too.
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    Re: Hagström - Resonator Neck, how to handle?

    thanks, guys. i'm gonna set it up today and try.
    al: your input makes sense. even if my finger is "sliding" over the fingerboard, the string slides on the fret.
    never looked at it this way. thanks.


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