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    2017 Gibson 59 Les Paul Murphy Painted 1994 True Historic Spec Japan Special Run

    Big wavy flames and a Brazilian looking finger board is all over this burst!

    Now these guitars are truly special and very rare and certainly the one to own. Not only do they mark the humble beginning of the Edwin Wilson/Tom Murphy era at the start of the Gibson Custom Shop in 1994 they also mark the end of a truly great era with Edwin Wilson’s departure from Gibson Custom in March 2017. These guitars represent the very first work together at Gibson back in 1994 and their very last work together at Gibson in 2017 never to be done again. No detail was spared for this run and it’s the finest and closest authentic reissue ever done to date.

    The 2017 1959 Les Paul Standard Historic Murphy painted 1994 guitars have nearly all the same specs as the Murphy painted 1994 True Historic version that I also have listed and was an exclusive (JSR) Japan Special Run of only 16 guitars ordered by the top dealers in Japan only and not offered to any other dealers. This Standard Historic version still features a “hand picked” top by Edwin Wilson and was painted by Burst Master Tom Murphy with Murphy’s initials in the control cavity. They even have all hide glue construction with the finger board glued to the neck with hide glue, neck glued to the body with hide glue, and the top glued to the back with hide glue and True historic plastics and pickup covers.

    The only real difference between them is the Standard Historic version do not have the same top carve as the True Historic version and are not designated “Killer” tops so they don’t have the letter K in the control cavity, although many of these Standard Historic’s 1994 Murphy painted guitars have tops that are as good as the “killer top” version. This version of the Standard Historic has very different specs then from previous years and was specially ordered by the top dealers in Japan and are basically True Historic guitars except for the top carve. Gibson didnt designate any of the standard historics as killer tops no matter how good the top.

    Neck: .902 1st Fret 1.01 12th Fret
    Weight: 8 Pounds 6 ounces
    Price: $9499

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    Re: 2017 Gibson 59 Les Paul Murphy Painted 1994 Standard Historic Japan Special Run

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    Re: 2017 Gibson 59 Les Paul Murphy Painted 1994 Standard Historic Japan Special Run


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