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    PSA: Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop price blowout

    I thought I should post this heads-up on a couple of the boards that I'm on.
    Dave's Guitar Shop is going to stop carrying Gibson guitars due to some extreme pressure Henry J is putting on his dealers that is increasing every year. He is hoping other dealers will join him in getting a message to Henry to stop treating his loyal dealers badly. I posted about the worn Les Pauls that he was selling cheap earlier. I only caught the end of that, and most of them were sold by the time I found out.
    I spoke to Dave about this and he told me he was listing a bunch of Gibson Custom Shop 1958 RI Les Pauls today. Because he didn't sign a new contract with Gibson, he can sell these for whatever he chooses. He is blowing these out for less than many people are selling them used. I want you guys to get first dibs before the general public realizes that these are for sale. There are also some R9s on there as well but those were part of the worn series.

    I think Dave is great, he picked some amazing guitars for me over the years, has an amazing personal collection and I have quite a dislike for Henry J. Hopefully other shops might defy Gibson as well.
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    Forum Moderator KennyF's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    North-Eastern Pennsylvania

    Re: PSA: Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop price blowout

    Wow!!! Sad, but I CERTAINLY understand where Dave is coming from...
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    Les Paul Forum Member Maxmc's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
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    Re: PSA: Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop price blowout

    Wish he had a shop in my neighbourhood.

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