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    Rare acoustic Gibson spirit guitar

    I have this old guitar I got from my dad, itís not in the best shape, but Iím pretty sure itís super rare. Need help figuring out how much itís worth!!

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    Re: Rare acoustic Gibson spirit guitar

    I think your dad took off the original truss rod cover and put that one on as the Gibson Spirit was a solid body guitar not an acoustic. Look inside the body, if there is a label, the correct model name maybe on it or there might be an ink stamp with the model. Could be a "SJ" aka Southern Jumbo. What is the serial number? If it turns out to be from the 70s, it is not a very desirable as the guitars of that period were over-built to reduce warranty work. Find a copy of the book "Gibson's Fabulous Flat-tops" by Whitford, Vinopal and Erlewine, it gives a very good description of the various acoustic guitars made. Lastly, this should have been put in the column, "Other Gibsons".

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    Re: Rare acoustic Gibson spirit guitar

    Look up

    This appears to be a SJ "ADJ" from the 1970s with an adjustable bridge.

    Here's a quote from the (very reliable) website: "By the late 1950s and 1960s the J-45 went through some changes, unfortunately none of them good. The worse thing Gibson did to the J-45 was to make the J-45ADJ (a J-45 with an adjustable bridge). The adjustable bridge sucked the life and tone from the J-45, and really killed the model..." Perhaps the Southern Jumbos were also equipped with the adjustable bridge in the 1970s.

    Provided there are no issues with the guitar, my best guess at a value: $800 will sell it quickly. You might get $1200 with patience and effort.

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