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    Edwards Les Pauls W/ 50s necks?

    It seems most Edwards have slim 60s necks on them, but I've seen and heard about ones with big necks. I need some help finding one for myself as I can't play slim necks without my fingers cramping up. My Gibson SG is an inch fat at the 12th fret and it's the most comfortable guitar I've ever played. Was there a particular era when Edwards made them large, or is it perhaps just a certain model of LP that comes with them? Any info on this at all would really help. If you can give me particular years or model numbers too, please do! And if you happen to OWN one with a big neck, please post pics!

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    Les Paul Forum Member Joewildbonsai's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
    Duesseldorf Germany

    Re: Edwards Les Pauls W/ 50s necks?

    Yeap there was a period, when they made fat necks 90's upto beginning of 2000, the same with Navigators
    but These 'normal' Edwards necks are more similar to an real 59 neck than the most Gibson Historic Collection Baseball necks, except a few Collector's Choice models e.g. Donna, btw the Donna neckprofile is very similar to a regular Edwards neck. I know what I'm talking about a had 8 Edwards so far
    ended up with the rarest and the only one right now
    Edwards E-LP PM pure material only 31 ever made out of a special old wood found in the ESP factory
    Killer guitar

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    Re: Edwards Les Pauls W/ 50s necks?

    Joewildbonsai - maybe you're willing to sell yours PM ;)?

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    Re: Edwards Les Pauls W/ 50s necks?

    Very Pretty !

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