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    Gigging With My ES-335

    Over the fall, I picked up a great Memphis 335 in Antique natural from CME. I have enjoyed playing it at home but haven't brought it to rehearsals or tried gigging with it. For the last year, my live rig has been a 2018 Les Paul '58 Historic with a great dirty lemon top. I play this through a Quilter Tone Block 201 into a Mesa 1x12 cab. My effects are a custom made Klon clone, custom made Zen Drive clone and an Xotic Effects SL Drive. These are all routed through my Boss MS-3.

    My concern is getting the same tone I've come to love from my Les Paul without having to go in and re-dial the 50 Presets I've already created. I'm also a bit self conscious about playing such a large guitar on stage...I know that sounds crazy.

    I REALLY want to play this beauty out...just having trouble making the leap.

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    Les Paul Forum Member Tubes 'n Wood's Avatar
    Join Date
    Nov 2013
    Cambridge, Nebraska

    Re: Gigging With My ES-335

    T 'n W

    "Lemme' 'splain you Lucy. The 5e3 circuit... Has a fat ass. Like a '57 chevy. She likes to talk dirty... 5e3's are like that. I start at turning. Ever thang up to six. Above that approaches. Wettern' a shampoo'd water buffalo territory. Slap that ass. And pull her hair. With a Les Paul. And p90's. They like to be liking that. When it comes to tweed deluxes. It's not about. When you are sick and tired. Of her shit. It's about. Does she have a sister?" Texas Blues 1/22/19

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    Re: Gigging With My ES-335

    My guitars sound different enough, I have to be careful about changing settings too much to suit one or the other because then I end up lost. So, I try to appreciate the differences in tones between them.

    That said, possibly an EQ pedal to use with the 335 if it is too different from the LP?

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    Les Paul Forum Member The Shifter's Avatar
    Join Date
    Aug 2004

    Re: Gigging With My ES-335

    Hahaha! I've taken to playing 3xx guitars over LPs on stage because they make me look thinner!

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