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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Apr 2016

    NAD - Dr. Z Z-Master (Joe Walsh Signature Series Amp)

    Picked up this amp last week. It's Doc's take on the '59 Bandmaster that Joe Walsh gave to Pete Townsend (Pete used it for "Who's Next) and regretted since. It's a 3x10 combo that sounds amazing. Here's a video demo that Lance Keltner just released - good demo that show what the amp is capable of doing (far better than I could!). Also does a demo of the amp in a band setting.

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    Les Paul Forum Member Pellman73's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    Pinehurst, NC

    Re: NAD - Dr. Z Z-Master (Joe Walsh Signature Series Amp)

    yea saw lances vid and then looked around and found this one which is priceless!!

    the amp looks really great... if I had not just gotten one of lances smart belles I'd think about it...

    grab a drink and some chips and revel in all the guru guitar geekdom that is Joe Walsh

    Whats so funny here is in the beginning he basically says, "We guitarists don't know what capacitors are gonna do this or that we say "it sounds too green, make it sound more orange" and Dr. Z knows" but then for the next 20 minutes its like a master course in guitar amp tubes, circuitry, and other jargony shit that will have your head spinning. I mean.... what's very likely is joe walsh is a genius... and to hear it all in that joe walsh drawl and how he keeps saying to the dude "RIGHT"... like everyone knows what the hell he is talking about...

    its just about the most entertaining guitar geek vid I've watched in a while

    the concept that the transformer mismatching with the speakers (I think thats what he was saying) about how the blues breaker has that mojo because "the math was off" was just about the most guitar nerdy awesome shit I've heard in a while... like we were hearing the secrets of the universe from the Dalai lama.

    That guy is so awesome.

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