Its a real long story that began over a decade ago. I begged Gibson Custom for a Murphy painted AND aged guitar but they said they would NEVER do a guitar like that cause it simply takes Murphy way too much time to do one and his order book is completely full. I asked many times over the years and it was always turned down. However in early 2015 we got together with the top Japanese dealers and were able to finally get it done. And what better model to build than the 59 Peter Green Les Paul Greenie. Only 13 guitars total production for the world and they were all sent to Japan only. I was able to get my hands on four of them and they are very special and very rare. All 13 guitars were painted and aged by Murphy with all the new 2015 True Historic specs, wired our of phase with a reverse neck pick up just like Greens guitar was. This version of the guitar is the version based off of how the guitar looked when Green bought it from Selmers in London and had the Grover tuners on it and had not been played too much.