MGL is excited to announce a partnership with CreamTone in our new “TruVintage” line of parts. The parts will be available on my site and also the new site of which will launch soon. The first project we decided on and have been working on for the last few months are exact replica ‘50’s Gibson ABR-1 bridge thumbwheels and posts. There are a number of reissue thumbwheels on the market that are somewhat close but none are correct. One of the main reasons is that the exact knurling tool that was used for the original '50's thumbwheels is no longer in use. We had a machine shop take detailed measurements and inspect every detail on an original set of ‘50’s thumbwheels I sent them. After multiple attempts to duplicate the knurl pattern we were told the only way to get it exact would be to order a custom made knurling tool so we did. Once a small number of wheels were done and nickel plated we were sent some prototypes for approval. Everything looked dead on and we approved production. The thumbwheels and posts are available in 2 versions, NOS(new and shiny) & aged. (special thanks to Charlie Daughtry for providing detailed thumbwheel photos from one of his Bursts for comparison) We sent a set to Charlie once they were done and his simple reply was "Damn....they are extraordinary!”

Now available and ready to ship!! $40.00 (NOS), $45.00 (Aged)