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    I posted this as an announcement in all Forums, but since we haven't gotten much response I am concluding that folks may not pay attention to announcements but they do look at new threads, so this is another appeal.

    Okay, LPF members. When the new ownership was put in place, we told you that that we have spent a considerable sum paying the arrears on hosting fees, ongoing hosting expenses, software upgrades, programming support (now and upcoming), etc.

    Many of you offered to make donations to help us keep things going. Well, NOW is your opportunity to do so!

    We do not any other source of income at this time. Thus, we would appreciate any donations that you can make to help cover the expenses of the LP Forum.

    You can do so by PayPal. Please remit to when in PayPal.

    If you prefer to send a check, it should be made out to:

    Les Paul Forum, Inc. L.L.C.
    17044 El Camino Real
    Houston, TX 77058-2630

    We will also be contacting our dealer/sponsors to renew their support.

    Thank you in advance for your support of the LP Forum!
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    Mike Slubowski

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