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    Re: 2014 Gibson Les Paul Long Scale from Gibson Custom

    Hi Guys,
    i want to build myself a lp-like Longscale and i m about to draw a sketch. When it comes to locating the poti-knobs i get some issues.
    I compare with a picture of a longscale one and it seems that my Body which is 44cm long is a bit too short.
    Are you sure that they didnt enlarge the Body a bit?

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    Les Paul Forum Member 59Cherrytop's Avatar
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    Jul 2001
    Southern California

    Re: 2014 Gibson Les Paul Long Scale from Gibson Custom

    Howdy Mike & Al!
    Nice to see the Long Scale Lester was basically well received by those who have played them. I spoke with Edwin Wilson at Namm after playing one Chuck Kavooris brought to our Les Paul 100th jam B-party. He said the subject came up at a meeting, they okayed the project and put it together.

    As many know here, I have been asking for the 25.5" scale for years and am thankful it finally came to fruition. For us taller players, having more room to open up above the 12th fret is a must for normal playability. Another option would have been three P-90s for us Strat players. I personally would have left the back binding off and contoured it too.

    Presently chiming in on this now since I am re-necking a '70 LP Professional 14" body with a '75 NOS Kalamazoo neck and using a 26.25 scale and 1.75" nut width. I am skipping the Tune-O-Matic bridge to use a Badass bridge at the secondary bridge position. A capo at the first fret gives me the 24 9/16ths scale. Thus it will be tuned to Eb at 432.
    Fretting the pauferro fingerboard with 6105 today and prepping the heel to adhere the neck shortly. Will start a new thread to show it when it's strung up. My low-Z channel '67 Bandmaster mod will also be discussed.
    Les says, Keep Pickin'! I say, Play every note with SOULFUL ELOQUENCE!

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