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Thread: Love ES's

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    Les Paul Forum Member OKGuitar's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Kent, CT

    Re: Love ES's

    Quote Originally Posted by marshall1987 View Post
    Also noted another difference between the two Epiphone Sheratons.....

    The guitar on the left in your photo has a bridge pickup that is turned around 180 degrees so that the pole pieces are closer to the neck. This may or may not be the original condition of the pickups, but clearly the guitar on the right does not have the bridge pickup rotated 180 degrees.
    That's all of them. Very observant bunch. I didn't notice the upside down pickup for at least a week after I got the guitar.

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    Les Paul Forum Member musekatcher's Avatar
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    Apr 2018
    meridianam altum centralis

    Re: Love ES's

    Just joined the club with a 65/66 ES-330. Delightful to play, hold and stroke. All original save the tuners and headstock repair mod (they should just break and repair at the factory and save us the trouble). I'd post an image if I could.

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    Formerly Lefty Elmo Steve Craw's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    Upstate NY

    Re: Love ES's

    Quote Originally Posted by Trans-Am View Post
    Hey Steve, question please?.....your 345 sound any different from what you thought you'd hear when you got her or it was totally another beast with all the set up and tweaking if there was one ever needed?

    I've heard that some old vintage sounded better as it was with same type of gauge strings and set up untouched and then you get some that tweaks and sets them up to their liking and gauge of strings and all that sounded even way better or maybe the opposite so they try to bring it back to original state. Dunno as i haven't own a vintage piece before , although I almost did and missed out on a mint '61 SG Custom.
    When I got it, the strings were SIT (Stay In Tune), and they certainly did NOT live up to their name. They sounded fine, but I was worried about if tuning would be an issue. I installed a set of Ernie Ball Cobalts and the guitar stayed in tune better and tone is explosive. I'm not that concerned about originality in strings, I just use what I like. But, I can say without reservation, I love this guitar!

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    Les Paul Forum Member Trans-Am's Avatar
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    Jul 2001
    BC, Canada

    Re: Love ES's

    Thanks for the reply Steve! That is fine 345 you got there. Sure looks like you been playing it since it's first birth

    I haven/t dabbled in Vintage instruments as of late, but my one miss that wasn't meant to be was an original 1961 SG Custom all stock.
    The more I lurk in the vintage area the more I am super drawn in to the history and vibe. One day!
    Old WOOD Is Good WOOD !!!

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    Re: Love ES's

    Thread revival:

    1995 Epiphone Riviera with '57 Classic/+ pickups and Bigsby B7
    2018 Epiphone Bonamassa ES-355 (soon to get a set of '57 Classics)
    2012 Gibson Luther Dickinson ES-335

    Last edited by stilwel; 12-27-19 at 10:27 AM.

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    Les Paul Forum Member Keefoman's Avatar
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    Nov 2009

    Re: Love ES's

    When there's not much else to do during the weekends nowadays, I did a little video with my ES.

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    All Access/Backstage Pass Wilko's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    San Diego, CA

    Re: Love ES's

    Here's my stop-tail converted '65 335 doing Soulshine!

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    Re: Love ES's

    I dropped out of the guitar market around 3 years ago, and did not follow the bankruptcy of Gibson, the closing of their Memphis factory, etc. This Coronavirus outbreak is causing a disruption to manufacturing and sales throughout the U.S. Have any 1964 ES-335 Reissue's been made in 2020?

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    Les Paul Forum Member 65Firebird's Avatar
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    Oct 2019
    NSW Australia

    Re: Love ES's

    My '59 ES-330 T.

    And '74 ES-345, converted to stop tail, mono and 335 wiring.

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