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Thread: Love ES's

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    Re: Love ES's

    Quote Originally Posted by mdubya View Post
    Reposting photos of my current ES guitars.

    CME 2015 ES LP Goldtop

    2013 ES 330 VOS

    2014 ES 335 USA Dot Reissue

    1997 Epi Sheraton MIK (57's, harness, etc, sleeper)

    I added this 2018 '59 ES 335 RI a few months ago. I had a bit of drama with the transaction which left me a little shaken, but after recovering from the initial bad feelings about the transaction, this guitar has soared to the top of my list. It is just sooo DAMN good. Yeah, it took a few tweaks to make it close to perfect, but DAMN... so good.

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    Les Paul Forum Member neozecat's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Paris suburb FR

    Esseries Re: Love ES's

    My Red :

    The all ES :
    56 Les Paul Jr
    58 Les Paul Jr
    59 Les Paul Jr
    59 Les Paul TV
    61 Epiphone Sorrento
    65 Epiphone Coronet 2PU
    66 Epiphone Al Caiola Standard
    67 Epiphone Riviera 360TDC
    04 Tacoma JR55
    09 Melody Maker 2PU
    13 ES-335 TV Jr
    14 Les Paul Melody Maker Special
    14 Rich Robinson ES-335
    14 Robby Krieger 1954 Les Paul Custom Aged
    16 ES-Les Paul Goldtop P-90 w Bigsby
    Fargen Mighty Plex
    Vox AC30HW2X

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