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    ThroBak Pre-T-301 Demo!

    Nashville Pro, Tyler C. Powers, in the Player's Lounge trying the ThroBak Pre-T-301 pickups. This is the standard configuration of the Pre-T-301 pickups with short magnets installed. The guitar is a vintage 1968 ES-335 with original Nylon bridge saddles through a 1X12" combo, all tube, Cusack, Kingsnake, 6L6 amp. Learn more about ThroBak Pre-T-301 pickups here.

    This video was included in the latest issue of the ThroBak: Wire Newsletter sign up for the ThroBak newsletter if you have not already. Here is a link to the newsletter page. ThroBak Wire: Pre-T-301 Pickup Demo!

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    All Access/Backstage Pass Progrocker111's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    small country full of nice women and good beer

    Re: ThroBak Pre-T-301 Demo!

    Great tone, very articulate and musical.
    My diagnosis is: Hiwatt and Norlinphilia

    1977 Gibson Les Paul Custom winered
    1972 Hiwatt DR103, 1972 Hiwatt SE4122

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    Les Paul Forum Member Roe's Avatar
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    Apr 2006

    Re: ThroBak Pre-T-301 Demo!

    great sounding pickups!

    LP std; tokai LS-320 ES155 SG155; Shiro ES175; G6131MY w/tvclassics; warmoth hollow esq.; strat

    Metro jtm45 jtm50 jmp50; Clark 6G6B Rockford Reverb; Lil Dawg Champster; Alessandro Rottweiler; Ceriatone Express Comet 60

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