A few days ago Jairo (Depedro) got a lot of equipment stolen from his studio in Madrid. Among the missing pieces there is a Les Paul Goldtop Deluxe from early 70's (repaired headstock, with serial number 617075 and Made in USA stamped in the back of the headstock).

You can find many more pics of this guitar in the following link:

In case that you have any info about it, please reach out to me via a private message or e-mail me to contact@burstserial.com

Sadly there was much more equipment stolen, you may see it below...

1972 Gibson SG Standard (repaired headstock)

Bellzouki Danelectro

Danelectro baritone Longhorn

Fender electric mandolin

Acoustic Gibson FJN, with Dearmond pickup

Epiphone Casino 63

Cloud Ribbon mike

AKG 414

... and a Command 8 ProTools Controller.

Thanks a lot in advance to everybody for your collaboration.