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    Les Paul Forum Member JJ Blair's Avatar
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    Jan 2011

    Stolen R9 and other gear

    On 3/24, I had the following things stolen from my garage in the Hollywood hills. If you have any info, please contact me at jjblair (at) There will be a reward.

    2006 Gibson Les Paul R9, serial # 9-6291. Sunburst. Easily identifiable by unique physical features and numerous changes and aftermarket parts, including mineral stain to the wood under the arm rest poistion, proper nitro refin, massive lacquer checking on the neck and headstock, cherry fade shadows under the pickup rings and pick guard. Other unusual and identifiable features are: Throbak pickups, vintage Sprague bumblebee tone caps, vintage bakelite switch tip, vintage truss rod cover, vintage switch ring nut, all other plastic was DMC made, wireless aftermarket ABR-1 tuner, vintage stop piece posts, aftermarket aluminum tailpiece.

    Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster. Candy Apple Red. Year and serial not known, but identifiable by custom gold anodized pickguard, as well as massive checking on the body, and wear on the arm rest, which is unusual for these guitars.

    1966 Fender Super Reverb. Serial unknown, but identifiable features are wheels, lean bars, new black vinyl cover with Fender logo, and the phase inverter tube was switched to a 12AX7, which should make it identifiable from other similar amps. Condition was very clean, with no significant tears or scratches to the tolex or the grill cloth, with light pitting on the chrome.

    Gator black tolex Gig Box, with the following footpedals:
    MXR Custom Audio Electronics Boost/ Line Driver. serial number AB15C512
    MXR Pase 90 '74 Vintage. serial number AB13R018
    Dunlop "Jimi Hendrix" Crybaby, with actual vintage Vox or Thomas Organ electronics inside.
    Boss T Wah
    Boss X Pan
    Dirty Boy "Germanium Boy" in custom yellow color, with geometric shapes made with black marker, drawn around knobs
    Line 6 Echo Park
    Green distortion pedal labeled "TS808"
    Korg Pitch Black tuner pedal

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    Re: Stolen R9 and other gear

    I had suggested to another forum member that he pass along the number to Marina Music. it's a used gear shop, and the owner's name is Alex. a lot of used gear goes through there... he may be able to help you. the number is (310) 391-7010. good luck. I hope you're able to recover your gear soon.

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    Les Paul Forum Member Ryan Givhan's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    Lexington Kentucky

    Re: Stolen R9 and other gear

    ouch, that sucks man. i hope you at least get your guitars and amps back! i feel for ya.

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