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    Let's talk Non Reverse

    Hello guys,

    I am currently considering "doing something" with/to my beloved 2002 CS Non Reverse FB- 3 mini HBs but can't make up my mind what.

    Option A-
    1- refinish -any TV-white enthusiasts in the room??. I remember finding these breathtaking pics on this forum:

    2- Why not change the configuration from 3 pus to 2 + add a lyre vibrola. But, even though I love the look I fear the impact of it on the playability/ tuning of the guitar, I really hit my strings hard most of time... Any thoughts on this?? It'd basically look like this except for the chrome hardware:

    3- Change bridge pu for something better. I have a Lollar bridge in my main Firebird V and it's just great. I've also heard very good things about Duncan Aniquity II. What about Curtis Novak's?

    Option B- Sell the CS and buy this 1965 below. Only thing is p90's... I dig minis + oh!poor fretboard... But the price's decent €2200/$2900 and not far from where I live...

    What option would go for?


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    Les Paul Forum Member Axel's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Umeĺ, Sweden

    Re: Let's talk Non Reverse

    Wow, that is a well played Firebird! Buy it.
    I play a Trini Lopez Reissue through a Fender Blues Jr. Sunburst.

    Quote Originally Posted by camohoyt View Post
    I'm sure only Axel knows if they have wax potting. He knows stuff that Gibson don't even know about there own guitars. Like an angel from Les Paul Heaven!

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