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    Broken Headstock repair - as good as new?

    Never did research on this before - if a headsdtock repair is done right, can the guitar live a normal healthy life - meaning is the playability impaired? I have heard some say that they can be as good or stronger than new?

    Second question - on a vintage piece (early 60s 335) what does a solid repair to a headstock reduced the value by? Is it 50% assuming all else is equal>


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    Les Paul Forum Member joemags54's Avatar
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    May 2011
    New York

    Re: Broken Headstock repair - as good as new?

    Short answer is yes on a proper repair.
    With respect to the value of a guitar , others will have to chime in. My impression is it shouldn't hurt the value too much, provided the repair was done well. Are you thinking of buying or selling?
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    Les Paul Forum Member Bluefinger's Avatar
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    Oct 2006

    Re: Broken Headstock repair - as good as new?

    If it's done by a pro, the only thing you have to worry about is resale value. It's bad if you have one you are intending to sell but if you are in the market for a player and not a collector's item the a headstock repair might be your ticket to an otherwise unaffordable guitar.

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    Re: Broken Headstock repair - as good as new?

    I have a line on a 63 335 with what looks to be solid neck repair done many years ago. It plays great and appears no worse for wear. I can get it for half of what a non repaired one would be. As a player it is 100 per cent. I know it will catch up to me if I sell it but I am tempted as it's just a fine player. The break is there for sure but so is the tone. On the fence but leaning

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    Les Paul Forum Member TomGuitar's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    Ann Arbor, MI

    Re: Broken Headstock repair - as good as new?

    Proper headstock repairs have no effect on the playability, tone, or longevity of a guitar.

    They do have a roughly 50% hit on the price. Not talking should or shouldn't. But that's what the market for these things has taught me.

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    Les Paul Forum Member j45's Avatar
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    Jun 2002

    Re: Broken Headstock repair - as good as new?

    Quote Originally Posted by TomGuitar View Post
    Proper headstock repairs have no effect on the playability, tone, or longevity of a guitar.

    Tom is right and I can vouch for this many times over.

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    Re: Broken Headstock repair - as good as new?

    I've had 4 early 60s ES guitars with headstock repairs- '61/'62'/'63 335's and a '64 345 and all the repairs did were make them affordable, and not affect the tone in anyway that i could detect. A '63 335 is one of the most desirable guitars out there and you will have no trouble at all selling it on at what you paid or at a small profit, as long as you pay the 'right' money, plus the enjoyment you'll get from it will be profound- all of mine were outstanding guitars..

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    Les Paul Forum Co-Owner Tom Wittrock's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    Lost in the Ozarks [again]

    Re: Broken Headstock repair - as good as new?

    No two breaks are alike, and a severely broken off headstock is different than the fairly typical neck crack under the nut.
    In most cases they can be restored to a solid joint with no real affect on playing and stability. But anytime the headstock comes all the way off, it's a much more difficult repair, and those situations still vary a lot.
    Look it over closely.
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    Les Paul Forum Member Dave G's Avatar
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    Nov 2004

    Re: Broken Headstock repair - as good as new?

    As already stated by others, a GOOD repair will allow a guitar to live a normal healthy life.
    Remember, most Gibsons necks are glued in and most remain solid for a VERY long time.

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    Les Paul Forum Member thunderkyss's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    SouthEast Texas

    Re: Broken Headstock repair - as good as new?

    I'm not trying to sell my '98 LP Standard, but every time I bring it out, I get a lot of interest, until I tell them about the broken neck. Usually got to get the light just right for them to see it.

    But a lot of that interest quickly evaporates, whether they see it or not.
    Oye Coma Va..... me ritmo!

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Nov 2006

    Re: Broken Headstock repair - as good as new?

    Funny that this comes up- just got- and returned- a LP Jr.- 2001- that had a pro-job- so- called- headstock repair - that showed up- thanks most likely - to the men in BROWN- with a re-break in the same spot- the guy I got it from was very understanding and will refund my $- this is the first time I have had this- I have 3 other Gibsons with this repair and they are all solid- I come to find out that this guitar had to have the 1st repair re-done- so it will need it's 3rd repair-

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    Les Paul Forum Member emmadet's Avatar
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    Aug 2005

    Re: Broken Headstock repair - as good as new?

    I had a '63 335 when I was a teenager. It was my first really seriously wonderful guitar. It had been lennonized to the bare wood, all the cherry was stripped off. A friend of mine played it drunk, dropped it, and WHACK the whole headstock came off. I had it repaired with superglue. A couple of months after that I started loving it again. Then I got the bright idea to have it refinished. It came back with 50+ coats of black. That killed it. Of course I still miss it. Most likely you can just tip over your fence and grab it

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