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    Les Paul Forum Member J T's Avatar
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    Oct 2005

    Re: ES-345 what cable do I use?

    You know I never saw that bare wire under the three way switch because it was underneath between the plastic tube and the switch. It's only when I moved it with the long needle nose pliers it popped out. I guess just the contact was enough to "drain" the output of that bridge pickup but not silence it.

    It wasn't attached to anything. Just wrapped around that bundle. So I just kept going with it. I got one of those little automotive round mirrors and looked around in there but I didn't see any other loose end that would be considered the other end of that ground wire. The bridge is quiet so I assume it's grounded. It must have been there since it left Gibson and eventually made contact with the switch.

    There are a lot of wires in there so I'm glad I didn't have to pull it all out.
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    Cables Re: ES-345 what cable do I use?

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