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    '56 Gibson ES 350T, Snbrst. Chuck Berry, Plain Byrdland. $3.5K

    1956 Gibson ES 350T in Sunburst. The “Chuck Berry” guitar, the “Plain Byrdland”. A short scale, 23.5”, same as the Byrdland. Like the Byrdland it’s 2 1/4” width puts it in between an L5 @ 3 3/8” and a 335 @ 1 3/4”. Features 2 P-90 pickups and laminated maple top, back and sides with nice “flame”. 1956 is the only year where this configuration was available. Before ‘56 the ES 350 was a full-body, full-scale guitar with P-90s, after ‘56 the ES 350 and 350T featured PAF pickups. This guitar was obviously played a lot, as evidenced by the lack of finish on the upper back of the neck , but it was also obviously well cared for as the excellent overall condition of the guitar demonstrates. It has an “alligator-y” checking and fading of the finish around the input jack. The changes made prior to my ownership were replaced Kluson tuners, replaced pots and that it once sported a Bigsby. There are no Bigsby holes on the top and the holes surrounding the end pin are covered by the period correct tailpiece. The short-scale neck is shaped to the hand and perfect for chords covering several frets as well as single note lines. This guitar easily nails Grant Green-like jazz tones as well as excellent Jump Blues and Rock-a-billy (check out Danny Gatton on YouTube playing a Sun Records Medly on a ‘56 350T:, Eric Clapton played blues on one in “Hail, Hail, Rock and Roll” ( and of course Chuck Berry used one for his early Chess Rock & Roll sides. This is a beautiful, beautiful instrument with no issues. Sale includes newer Gibson case w/shroud.
    $3500.00 (+3% if using PayPal)

    Photo Slide show here:
    Last edited by Paulsy; 02-23-11 at 11:23 PM. Reason: lowered price

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