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    Pre-Historic 1989 LP R9???

    Is this actually possible? And if so, how does it compare with today's reissues...

    Actual Model and serial are: Serial No. 90XXX LP Reissue HCSB W/C . The papers are in Japanese.

    Also, anyone can throw some light on possible value?

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    Les Paul Froum Member
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    Dec 2004

    Re: Pre-Historic 1989 LP R9???

    Yep The Flametop Ressues were from 1983-mid 1993. It is NOT a R9. They do not have a long tenon, but all the ones I have had have been fantastic. The 9 in the SN=1989 NOT 59 RI. The 89 most likely has Bill Lawrence circuit board pickups. Mike Slubowski has an excellent article about these here on the forum archives. Here are a couple of examples I have had, both 1989s:

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    Re: Pre-Historic 1989 LP R9???

    Thanks. That was very helpful.

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