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    Suhr Aldridge pups in lp custom

    I"m gonna put a set of Suhr Aldridge pickups in my lp custom. I'm looking forward to it actually. Does anyone have a set and know how they sound? thankx.

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    Les Paul Forum Member fiestared's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    Citrus Heights, CA

    Re: Suhr Aldridge pups in lp custom

    Try the Suhr forum -- there is a link to it on the Suhr website. People there have them in all sorts of guitars, including LPs.
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    Re: Suhr Aldridge pups in lp custom

    everybody seems to love them. Make sure you get the 50mm as they are spaced for Gibsons. I'm looking forward to it.

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    Re: Suhr Aldridge pups in lp custom

    After speaking with the guys at Rio they tell me it is common for their pickups to have the wax spill out and cover the back of the pickup. I went with the Aldrich due to the fact that the Rio BBQ I had planned to place in the bridge of my custom had wax all over the back of the pup.

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    Les Paul Forum Member Lindgren's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    Arctic Circle - Sweden

    Re: Suhr Aldridge pups in lp custom

    Aren't the Aldridge pu a very hot one ?

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    Re: Suhr Aldridge pups in lp custom

    Yes, though there does seem to be a rather large gap between the bridge and neck 17 dc to 9 dc bridge to neck. I can't wait. The bridge pup is going to roast.

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    Les Paul Forum Member Dirtypool's Avatar
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    Aug 2004
    Amersfoort, the Netherlands, Europe

    Re: Suhr Aldridge pups in lp custom

    And did it roast? I'm curious because a friend bought one for the bridge of his LP.
    Did your amp react gainier? Was there more or less articulation, etc :-)
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    Re: Suhr Aldridge pups in lp custom

    I have the bridge Aldrich in my Custom and I love it. I am a notorious pickup swapper and it is now my favorite. Nice and punchy but very dynamic for a hot pickup. You can lighten your touch or roll back your volume and it softens up but stays articulate. It also sounds great split. I have never liked ceramic magnet pickups but Mr. Suhr got it right on this one.

    The neck pickup I didn't care for as much but that doesn't mean it's not a good pickup. I like a really glassy, open tone from my neck pickup. My all time favorite is the Duncan Jazz. The Aldrich neck was a little too warm for me. While it certainly had that smooth Slash lead tone, I can get the same thing from my Jazz with the tone control rolled back a bit. With the tone opened up I still get some spank on clean tones from the Jazz but couldn't with the Aldrich. The Suhr pickup is more like a Duncan Alnico II Pro which is what I believe Slash uses. Again, it's a great sound but not what I need from the neck tone of my LP.

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    Re: Suhr Aldridge pups in lp custom

    Just to clear something up from an earlier post, the Aldrich pickups are Alnico 5, not ceramic.

    I have a set in my LP Custom and its exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something that sounded similar to a Duncan JB with more bass and minus the annoying high mid spike and the bridge p'up delivers that in spades. Very percussive and clear. The neck balances perfectly with the bridge and doesnt sound muddy like some hotter wound neck pickups can sound. I was concerned about a neck pickup measuring 9K, but it sounds great.


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