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    Kim R

    Historics, new and not so...

    The latest guit alert at WW:

    I just finished a review of the new inventory and remain duly impressed.

    Steve has a bunch of new arrivals from Gibson of the VOS variety - some gorgeous Goldtops, R8's, R9's. These guitars honestly display so much more quality in the fit and finish from years past. They need very little except descent strings Also: Clouds!! These guitars are magical to me - I still wonder how much longer they will be approved and manufactured by Henry...

    For those seeking out some of the Historic guitars from the 2000/2001 era (mahogany), there are a couple of R9's, an Ox, and a single cut Special that just sound INCREDIBLE to my tech-leaning set of ears... Wood from that era still varies in weight but the tone is undeniable. These guitars are used - two are nearly new with Pigtail, bone, etc. Nice...

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    Re: Historics, new and not so...

    Do you have any R4's. Thanks, Mike

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    Les Paul Forum Member gitarenkraak's Avatar
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    Feb 2003

    Re: Historics, new and not so...

    can you send me some details on the used one's?

    "take me down to the paradise city where the amps are loud and the pauls are pretty"

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    Kim R

    Re: Historics, new and not so...


    Please contact Bruce or Troy at WW. They have the inverntory and pricing information at their fingertips.


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