I recently replaced an old mighty mite solid brass bridge on my "68" that I installed way back when brass was in vogue with a gotoh tuneomatic. The holes in the bridge were too big (metric?)for the 6/32" original studs so I had to "fill and drill" to make it fit but I just don't like the look and the guitar is sounding very "tinny" on the e & b strings compared to the old hunk of brass. I'd go back to the brass but I wanted a more correct look. (I never minded the old "look" until I started hanging out here! lol) Allparts has what they call an old style tuneomatic (#GB0520-001), with 2" string spacing and brass saddles that I thought I'd try. Has anyone used this bridge and do you know if the posts are standard or metric threads? Would the 2" string spacing be an issue as opposed to 2 1/16"? It appears from the web site picture that the saddles are not notched. Any info. appreciated.