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    Les Paul Forum Member SMAS's Avatar
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    Jan 2006

    Les Paul Special. żIs 1991 a good year of production?

    The guitars Les Paul Classic 1990-1992 has good fame of quality. I have a Classic Premiun, 92, and I am very happy with her. I want to buy a Sspecial to play with P90 and they offer me one of 1991 (She has P100, but I believe that I will change). She is the other side of the ocean and me I cannot prove it.
    Is there also good quality in this period for these guitars? I don't know their fair value. 900 $ is good price for one of this time in almost new condition?
    A greeting to all and thank you.

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Dec 2003

    Re: Les Paul Special. żIs 1991 a good year of production?

    Yes to both questions. I have a 1993 Les Paul Special, and with a pickup swap (I replaced the P-100s with P-90s), I am very happy with the guitar. I think that some of the best regular production Gibsons has built in recent years are from the late 1980s to the early or mid-90s, before Gibson started Custom and Historic production and used its best workers for the Custom and Historic guitars. $900 seems to be a reasonable price if the guitar is in very good to excellent condition.

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    Re: Les Paul Special. żIs 1991 a good year of production?

    I for one do not subscribe to good and bad years, eras, or periods. After 30 years or so of guitar playing I have found that there are good and bad guitars from every year, month, and day of manufacture. Do a search of the forum, except for maybe the vintage side, lots of people have lots of complaints about all of the guitars.

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    Les Paul Forum Member D'Mule's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Re: Les Paul Special. żIs 1991 a good year of production?

    I really like the early 90's LP Specials because they have a bound neck and pearl inlay logo. They just seem nicer than the modern LP Specials. Doesn't mean it will sound any better, just that you might enjoy it more. $900 is probably at the upper end of their value, so it should be in excellent condition, particularly since you plan to spend more money on a P90 replacement.

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