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    I like the Perfect 10s!!!!

    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for your efforts in bringing the perfect 10s to the market. I think you will do real well with them. They are a joy to play!


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    Les Paul Forum Member pepejara's Avatar
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    Sep 2003
    Murcia, Spain

    Re: I like the Perfect 10s!!!!

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    Re: I like the Perfect 10s!!!!

    Hey Steve, I really like the looks of this one!

    Can you do us up an mp3?


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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Mar 2002
    Fort Collins, CO

    Re: I like the Perfect 10s!!!!

    Wildwood keeps getting cool stuff.

    In addition to the "10s", check out the Thin Skins.
    I did and came home with a 52 Tele (6lbs, 1 oz) WOW!
    Who's left;RIP: OX

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