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    Volume/Tone Replacement Pots

    What are the best pots to use use as replacements. I've read that a 500k CTS audio pots are very random in values. Are there other pots that are more accurate??

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    Les Paul Forum Member jim in texas's Avatar
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    Re: Volume/Tone Replacement Pots

    most pots are random in value to +-20% or more.

    If you want 500k pots, ask that they be measured. I measure them before I ship them and I'm sure other stores do to. If they don't, ask them to.

    The CTS pot is a good one.

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    Les Paul Forum Member ashbass's Avatar
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    Re: Volume/Tone Replacement Pots

    If you can even get them close, you can do the Brian mod to them and adjust them so that they get very close. My R7 has both vol pots at 533 and both tone pots at 518.

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    Les Paul Forum Member BIG Dave's Avatar
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    Re: Volume/Tone Replacement Pots

    RS Guitars will be offering higher quality 500K pots soon...
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