How to Make Your Electric Gutar Play Great!

Dan Erlewine's Latest Book
This book is intended to encourage players to not be afraid of adjusting and tinkering with their guitars. Along the way it has alot of good tips on tools, cleaning, maintenance, etc. It doesn't cover EVERYTHING, nor does it cover ALL GUITARS. It doesn't need to - it just needs to cover the basics. One of my favorite parts of the book, and to me a very important, seldom-discussed subject, is HOW TO TUNE guitars. That chapter alone is worth the price of the book if, like me, you suffered when you learned to tune the guitar. The setup chapter - with 35 pro setups - is fun. That's it - I think it's a FUN book. The punch out plastic radius gauge set really works and if you follow the advice given in the book, your guitar has to play better. ~Dan

How To Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great!

Dan Erlewine teaches you everything you need to know about choosing, using and improving any electric guitar. This photo-illustrated book is filled with valuable information for guitarists and guitar technicians alike.

Setup and adjustment techniques are detailed step-by-step, and lots of Dan's trade secrets are revealed along the way:

Evaluating a guitar, from headstock to tailpiece
Finding and using the right tools
Punch-out plastic radius gauges are included in the book!
Troubleshooting a guitar's setup
Personalizing action and intonation

A gallery of professional players' setup specifications

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